Investment Opportunity

  • Hummus is a delicious and nutritious addition to any healthy active lifestyle, and a boon to dieters and diabetics. More and more doctors are recommending that their patients follow a low glycemic diet. The glycemic index has long been an integral part of the South Beach Diet. Simply put: Hummus is Good Food!
  • One company alone made $33 million selling hummus in 2005! Hummilicious Inc. is now poised to enter this burgeoning niche market, an industry that reached $200 million in 2010 with unlimited growth potential!
  • Currently 26 stores have agreed to stock three varieties of my Hummilicious hummus. Two new varieties are awaiting FDA approval. I am seeking individual or multiple  investors, and additional outlets for a prospective  mid-summer, 2011 product launch date. A manufacturing contract has been reached with Nelson Farm. All that is required to make this vision a reality is financing for UPC codes, initial production and labeling costs, advertising; and a gala launch party!
  • For a minimal investment of $15,000 for  seven years, you would receive 8% interest; and 4% profit sharing for five years, negotiable based on the number of investors; plus three years of free merchandise, (an  amount to be agreed upon at time of loan.) Reward your palate and your portfolio! If interested, please contact Shakespeare Jackson, founder, at and/or visit